Dignity By default Workbook

Download the Dignity By Default Workbook

Download the Dignity By Default Workbook


It gave us a way to support people in applying Dignity By Default.

What is the workbook?

The workbook is a way for providers to apply the Dignity By Default Service Standards and Experience Patterns to a new or existing service. The workbook prompts you to think about things differently and deliberately. It also documents your work as you go and shows evidence of how you are using Dignity By Default to build or improve services.

How do you use the workbook?

For each of the standards, you will find questions and tools that encourage you to think about the needs of people accessing services and how your service will meet those needs. You will build a collection of data and ideas that you can refer to again and again. The workbook will keep it all in one place. It's meant to be easy to use.

While there are a number of charts and questions, most are meant to have 1-2 sentence answers - feel free to use bullet points!

Currently, the workbook is geared towards designing new services, although it can also be used to review and develop new ideas for an existing service. One of the ways we’d like to improve the workbook as we go is to find more ways to use it after the initial design of a service. We’d love to get your feedback on how to do this.

If you have questions about questions about the service standard and how to use the workbook, please contact:

Brooke Young,
System Coordinator

How can I give feedback on the workbook?

We want the service standards, experience patterns and this workbook to be continually improving, and we're always collecting feedback. We'd love to hear from you about your experience using the workbook and your ideas for how it can be improved.

You can give feedback online at www.designingbetter.ca/workbook