Dignity By Default

A Service Standard for Adult Addictions and Mental Health Services in Waterloo Wellington


WHAT IS A Service Standard?

A service standard is a set of criteria that enables providers to build and deliver high quality addictions and mental health services that promote dignity by default. Service Standards also give providers a way to share their commitment with the people they serve by describing what people can expect to receive from services and how services will be delivered.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. Our goal is to create a service standard that:

  • balances evidence based practice with service experience
  • enables flexible and responsive service delivery based on the actual needs of people
  • makes services so good that people want to come back


Designing Better is a project to re-design how intensive addictions and mental health services for adults are organized and delivered in the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN). 

Using Design Thinking we will explore what people actually need from intensive services and re-design intensive services to better meet those needs.

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