The purpose of prototyping is to test out the service standards and experience patterns and see if they lead us to improve the service experience for people. 

People who attended the Open House event voted on six ideas, with the goal of choosing two that we would prototype as part of the project. We will prototype these ideas using the Service Standard, so that we can improve the Service Standard and learn more about how it can be used when designing service. 

These are the six ideas we started with:

Deal with Trauma - How might we take one team, train them in trauma, and reduce the number of folks they support so they can do trauma work and skills teaching?

Act as One Service - How might we offer addictions, mental health and primary care together, so that it feels like one service?

Flexible Methods - How might we support a small group of workers to convert some face- to-face time into texting and other creative ways to provide support?

Prototype a New Experience - How might we build and test a new person-focused experience with one service or program?

Make Hope Visible - How might we promote hope at one site or service by visually celebrating people’s effort and success?

Forgive Mistakes - How might we prototype what it would mean to never ban someone or kick them out of a service/program with no where else to go?