The Engagement Process

We built our engagement process so that everyone could contribute in a way that worked for them.

We customized our tools to suit people’s interests and strengths

  • One of our participants loved to use technology. We set up a webpage that allowed them to complete all of their engagement online. 
  • The things we tried didn’t always work. We gave one participant who loved telling stories a voice recorder so they could tell us about each day as it happened. We didn’t chose the right tool, and they were unable to record their stories. We ended up conducting an interview with them instead. 

We met people in their places and spaces—wherever they were comfortable

  • Our engagement took us to all kinds of spaces: living rooms, cafes, a motel, a grocery store, a bus stop, an office, a hospital and more. 

We talked to people in the method and language of their choosing

  • For two of our participants, we communicated through an interpreter. A number of our participants found it helpful to engage by texting. We also captured some interviews by drawing and writing notes in a way that the participant could see how we recorded what they told us.  

We adapted on the go

  • When circumstances changed we were flexible. With one of our participants, we had arranged to observe an hour-long legal appointment. When the morning came, we headed off to the ED to observe that experience instead.