Buckle-up…we’re officially kicked off

And we’re off! On September 17, 2015 we officially launched an exciting new piece of improvement work in Waterloo Wellington. Designing Better is a process to re-design how adults experience intensive addictions and mental health services in the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN). With the help of Overlap Associates, will explore what people need from intensive services and re-design innovative services around those needs. The project is co-sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association-Waterloo Wellington Dufferin branch and Stonehenge Therapeutic Community.

Over 25 community stakeholders joined us for our kick-off event where we explored what the project is, why it matters, and how we’re going to do the work. We shared the overall project timeline, the various activities of the project and the guiding principles.

We then asked stakeholders to give us some feedback on the project using 4 categories: 

  • What they like
  • What would they improve
  • What questions do they have
  • What new ideas do they have

I always love asking for feedback in this way as it really collects information in a way that we can actually do something with it. Community members gave us some really good things to think about, ideas on ways to improve the project, and asked some really interesting questions. All of this input has already lead us to iterate on the project plan and improve it.

As promised, we are happy to share with you:

We welcome feedback throughout the design process and encourage you to reach out to us in whatever way works for you. Don’t forget to visit the website often, and follow us on twitter @designing_better .

We are on the path to something really interesting here in Waterloo Wellington.  We don’t yet know where we’ll land, but it is going to be a humbling and inspiring ride. Buckle up!