Insights Lab

During the Open House, people prioritized two areas to look at and prototype:

  1. Deal with trauma - How might we take one team, train them in trauma, and reduce the number of folks they support so they can do trauma work and skills teaching?
  2. Act as One Service - How might we offer addictions, mental health and primary care together, so that it feels like one service?

On January 18, 2016 we hosted an Insights Lab. At the Insights  Lab, we explored possible solutions in each of these areas  – two groups worked on “Act as One Service” and two groups worked on “Deal with Trauma”.

What people did in the Lab:

  • Generated ideas, with a goal of describing what one solution could look like and identifying next steps
  • Thought about obstacles to implementing ideas
  • Thought about ideas from the perspective of people accessing services
  • Gave further feedback on the service standards and experience patterns

Who participated:

  • 20 participants, in spite of a blizzard. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather, and to those who tried to make it!
  • A blend of service providers representing addictions, mental health and primary care
  • People with lived experience

What’s next:

  • Over the next month, we will be further developing these ideas into prototypes—quick mock-ups of the ideas that we can use to gather feedback
  • We will be in touch with the Design Pods and the Advisory Committee for input and feedback that we can incorporate into the prototypes. Interested? Sign up here.
  • We will be using the Dignity By Default: Service Standards and Experience Patterns as we create the prototypes. This will help us learn about and improve the service standards. It will also help us understand how to use them for other services.