Where have we landed

As you know, last August we started the Designing Better Project: A process to re-design how adults experience intensive addictions and mental health services in the WWLHIN. We explored what people needed from intensive services and came up with ways to re-design innovative services around those needs.
You can read a summary of the project here.
We’re now nearing the end of the project, but not the work! We proposed to stakeholders that over the next year we design and implement Act As One Service in each of the sub-LHINs. The Addictions and Mental Health Program Council agreed. The Program Council also agreed to bring the work of the Welcoming Initiative together with Designing Better.

What's Next:

We’re now in the process of planning how we might do that work in each of the sub-LHIN areas. Over the next few weeks we’ll be figuring out logistics and reconvening our small steering committee.  We’re expanding this group a little bit to add hospital representation and members from the Welcoming Initiative Steering Committee as we bring the work together. 
Stay tuned as we start reaching out to relevant stakeholders to start building Act As One Service.
A sincere thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process.  We couldn’t have done this without you!!

Executive Director (Acting),

Heather Kerr
Executive Director,
Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Project Lead
Brooke Young,
System Coordinator,
Based at CMHA WWD byoung@cmhawwd.ca

PS: We have updated Dignity By Default. Check out the new version.