Check out our new tools

Our team behind the scenes has been busy working on getting some new tools ready. We're excited to be able to now share these with you. 

Our System GIGAmap



A GIGAmap is a great visual tool to help stakeholders understand complex subjects. The tool incorporates multiple data sources and insights into one large visual. Think of it as a snapshot in time of a system. For those of you who are interested, you can learn more here.


A GIGAmap can be used in a few ways:

  • Document the state of a complex system.

  • Visually share huge amounts of multi-layered complex information

  • Spark different conversations about the system.

  • Act as a measure we can look back on as we make changes to see if we are actually improving.

Dignity By Default: A Service Standard Workbook


The workbook is a way for providers to apply the Dignity By Default Service Standards and Experience Patterns to a new or existing service. The workbook prompts you to think about things differently and deliberately. It also documents your work as you go and shows evidence of how you are using Dignity By Default to build or improve services. 


For each of the standards, you will find questions and tools that encourage you to think about the needs of people accessing services and how your service will meet those needs. You will build a collection of data and ideas you can refer to again and again. The workbook will keep it all in one place. It's meant to be easy to use. While there are a number of charts and questions, most are meant to have 1-2 sentence answers - and feel free to use bullet points!

Website Changes

We have also made some changes to our website to make it easier to find things. We've put Dignity By Default: A Service Standard front and centre. We have also made a place where you can view all the things we did and made during the project. We will continue to add and update the site as we move into the next phase of work: Implementing Act As One Service